Fire extinguishing system for restaurants and kitchens ANSUL R-102

Statistically the reasonы of more than 40% of fires in the restaurants are the thermal equipment (deep fryers, kitchen stoves, chargrills) and ventilation. A thick layer of grease, oil and dust accumulates in the air ducts and on the stove plate surfaces over time (several months), and in case of spark striking this "combustible mixture" ignites. Due to ventilation draft the fire spreads throughout the ventilation system within just a few seconds, and it is serious danger to the personnel and visitors of the establishment.

Factors that increase the risk of fire in the kitchen:

  • Use of high temperature, highly efficient kitchen equipment;
  • Cooking on open fire;
  • Use of flammable vegetable oils, coal, firewood.

The automatic fire extinguishing system for kitchens ANSUL R-102 is an effective and available solution for protection of the electrical equipment and ventilation hoods, functioning without direct human participation.

Due to this system high fire safety is provided in the restaurant / cafe / dining / cafeteria and it is excluded:
  • Probability of personal injuries;
  • Damages of interior of the rooms, kitchen equipment;
  • Idle time in the work of the establishment;
  • Damages of ventilation systems.

The principle of operation of the restaurant fire extinguishing system ANSUL R-102:

Automatic operation of the system:
  1. In case of a fire in the kitchen the fuse link of the detection system reacts to the temperature rise and the trigger mechanism of the compressed gas cylinder is activated.
  2. Compressed gas (nitrogen) enters the reservoir with the fire-extinguishing agent ANSULEX.
  3. The fire extinguishing agent moves to the spray nozzles through the piping system, quickly suppressing the flame
  4. As soon as the fire extinguishing agent reaches the burning surfaces it effectively cools them and reacts with burning fat (oil), forming a thick foam on the surface. This allows to isolate the fat surface and prevent further fire spreading.

Remote operation of the system:

  1. In the case of visual detection of fire, the kitchen fire extinguishing system is activated by hand

Advantages of ANSUL R-102::

  1. Complete self-containment. Does not require water and electric power supply.
  2. In European countries the use of ANSUL R-102 provides regulation of the insurance tariff in the civil liability insurance to third parties against possible damages in case of fire.
  3. High efficiency. The unit is activated as soon as possible from the moment of ignition. It allows to quickly extinguish the fire in the kitchen without using primary fire extinguishing means.
  4. Effective suppression of burning fat, oil and open fire due to use of the fire-extinguishing agent ANSULEX.
  5. Compactness and aesthetics. ANSUL R-102 guarantees high fire safety in the restaurant and harmonious combination with the interior of any kitchen. 
  6. The system is not dangerous for peoples, equipment and kitchen appliances. The fire extinguishing agent ANSULEX is an aqueous solution of organic salts with low pH. When it is used, there is no release of toxic products. In case of contact the surfaces and other kitchen appliances with the fire extinguishing agent, they could be easily cleaned from the foam residuals with hot soapy water, sponges and rags, after that they can be used again.
  7. Long-term storage of the extinguishing agent (12 years).
  8. Minimum recovery time in case of operation the system. The process takes only 1-2 days.
  9. The kitchen fire extinguishing system ANSUL allows to protect the barbecue/charcoal grills with open fire. It is especially important for restaurants and cafes, located in the buildings of the shopping and entertainment centres


Objects where the ANSUL R-102 system is used: