Self-contained fire extinguishing unit for cabinets R-Line

Group of Companies POZHTEHNIKA in 2012 introduced a novelty: the self-contained unit for cabinet fire extinguishing R-Line (AUShT-NVC), using safety extinguishing agent Novec1230.

This is the first such Russian-manufactured system, produced by the Group of Companies POZHTEHNIKA.

Main advantages of R-Line

Reliable protection of any information as a vitally important resource for any company. No one type of the equipment is insured against failure and damages. Even small short circuit in the network of the server node can result to fire and loss of a large amount of important information. Recovery of the company's work after fire may take several weeks. Financial losses and lost profits during the time of forced downtime and also the cost of the server equipment can be very significant for the company. The innovative system of the cabinet fire extinguishing R-Line significantly reduces risks of fire and ensures safety of the equipment.

Quick detection of fire within the enclosed cabinets. Use of the fire alarm and fire extinguishing system in the total room volume does not guarantee timely fire detection and elimination inside individual cabinets with electrical equipment (especially in high tightness cabinets). By the time the fire is detected inside such a cabinet or server rack, the build-in equipment may already be damaged - as a result of heat and smoke exposure. Tightness of the communication equipment is another problem, because of that penetration of the extinguishing agent from outside into the cabinets is delayed. Using the self-contained cabinet-type system R-Line (AUShT-NVC) allows to solve these problems due to early detection and completely elimination of fires without harming the protected devices in the racks and cabinets.

Saving money. According to DBNV.2.5-56-2010 in case of using R-Line (AUShT-NVC) to protect all equipment located in the server room and if there is no another fire load, it is allowed not to place an automatic fire-extinguishing system in the total room volume, but use only the fire alarm system.

Characteristics of R-line


The use of 3M ™ Novec ™ 1230. This extinguishing agent is environmentally friendly and safe for peoples and protected equipment. 3M™ Novec™1230 is non-toxic, is a dielectric and does not included into the international list of substances prohibited or restricted to use.

Early smoke detection. Quick detection of first fire signs is achieved using of an aspiration system in the R-Line with two addressable analog laser smoke detectors with adjustable sensitivity of Class A.

False alarm protection. To provide high security is possible due to the intelligent command and signal processing system used in the  R-Line.

Easy integration and versatility. R-Line allows to develop the complex high performance systems for the information centers. The extinguishing systems R-Line for the closed racks and cabinet equipment can easily be integrated into the general engineering security systems of the building.

Application of R-Line systems


Due to the versatility of the device, the field of application of the AUShT-NVC R-Line is very wide. This equipment can be successfully applied in the following areas: