About company


Group of Companies "Pozhtechnika" (Pozhtechnika Group) is a leading Russian manufacturer with long-standing traditions and extensive experience of development of advanced technical solutions in the field of integrated fire protection systems.

Pozhteсhnika Group is a professional manufacturer and supplier of automatic gas fire suppression systems (AGFSS) - from R&D and  engineering to manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

In 2005, when "Pozhtechnika" was founded, we set own manufacufacture development as a top priority. Now when Russia is in course of re-industrialization, our strategic choice has turbed out to be the right one. Due to it at the present time the GC Pozhtechnika is a leading Russian manufacturer of the automatic gas fire suppression systems, with the level of technological equipment and production quality control not only equal to the level of the leading foreign manufacturers but exceeding it in some cases.

Pozhtechnika Group has in its structure a new plant equipped with the most modern equipment for manufacture of steel welded cylinders, cylinder main valves and other components of gas fire suppression systems. Quality Management System recently certified by DNV-GL for compliance to  ISO 9001:2015. Welded steel cylinders are approved in compliance with Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (EAC) and currently udergoing TPED compliance approvals. Pozhtechnika is one of the very first companies that obtained all Certificates of Conformity of TRCU - a new approval system introducesd in 2015.


The Group of Companies's production facilities include:

In addition to fabrication and refilling of modules, we work on re-commissioning of gas fire suppression modules of most types and manufacture available on the market.

All equipment has approvals in accordance with requirements of GOSTs and the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (EAC). TPED approvals are expected to be available in 2021.

Pozhtechnika Group has licenses of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostechnadzor) for design, engineering and manufacturing of equipment for nuclear power generation. Equipment has seismic resistance approval report of the 1st Category and a Certificate of Conformity of  ITU System for the Nuclear Industry.

Specialists of our company have a wide variety of professional expertise, skills and practical experience - from inspecting of hazard/facility of any level of complexity, assessing fire risks in creating a fire safety concept for a facility prior to design and installation of automatic gas fire suppression systems and fire alarm systems.

Pozhtechnika Group is engaged in development, production, design, and implementation of special technologies and solutions for special hazard industrial facilities, cultural heritage protection projects, transportation facilties projects.

Specialists of Pozhtechnika Group actively participate in expert discussions on modifications of National Fire Codes, in technical meetings with the customers, participate in  local and international exhibitions.

Sins 2005 innovative products, solutions and equipment of Pozhtechnika Group have been awarded top industry awards and commendations.

Pozhtechnika Group has a list of patents for technical solutions for fire protection of unique cultural heritage sites, as well as a whole range of innovative products for protection of commercial, industrial and special hazard facilities.

For more than fifteen years of work we have done a lot to make sure that Pozhtechnika became a symbol of highest quality, reliability and efficiency for customers. As at the beginning of 2019 our systems protect already more than 10,000 objects in Russia and neighboring countries. There is virtually no industry where our automatic gas fire suppression installations would not be used.