Lectures and seminars

Seminars for specialists

Modern technologies and equipment in fire safety 

You can register for participation in the webinar by  E-mail: kornilova@firepro.ru , and indicate your full name, company name, position and contact information

We invite experts in the field of security, fire suppression equipment engineers and representatives of the customers to visit free training and information seminars on fire safety.

Using various equipment, new technologies, integration of modern systems in the existing technical environment, etc. are discussed in detail at the seminars.

Seminars are held by leading specialists working directly in the field of interest and possessing practical skills in the development, improvement and application of the fire safety systems.

Our conference hall

Answers to questions, preliminary consultations, recommendations on specific systems considering the object features, discussion of non-standard situations and solutions - seminars of "Pozhtechnika" company are the meetings of real professionals and often become the beginning of cooperation between their participants.

All participants are issued the certificate of participation in the seminar.


Participation in the seminar is free of charge.

Seats are unlimited.

Place of the seminars: Conference Hall of the Group of Companies "Pozhtechnika"

You need to register to attend the seminar.

Registration in the seminar:

Send us an online application by email info@firepro.ru or m@firepro.ru (with the note "registration for the seminar")

or call (495) 5 404 104

It is necessary to specify in the application:

-        name of your organization

-        full name of the participants

contact information 

"Pozhtechnika" LLC conducts lectures, seminars and various educational events devoted to questions of fire protection and fire equipment. Training subjects include various kinds of fire suppression, fire alarm systems, warning and notification systems, automation systems and etc.

Specialists of the company have accumulated experience in training engineers and technical workers in the design, installation and maintenance of various fire safety systems.

A training or presentation event can be held by request at the place of production or the territory of the concerned companies.