At our manufacturing facility in Monino (Moscow Region) we have an automated welding cylinders production line for steel welded cylinders, four CNC machining centres to manufacture main valves advice and other systems components, we operate automatic production line for linear heat detectors under license of The Protectowire Сo Inc.. Our production facility in Moscow has has a complete s to assemble and test the whole line of gas fire suppression modules, as well as cabinet protection R-line and F-line suppression systems, a high (99,9%) purity nitrogen plant and a high-capacity filling station, a non-reducable stock of FK-5-1-12 (Novec1230) agent of no less that 40 tons.

Производство ГК Пожтехника. Производство баллонов. Роботизированная сварка 

The Group of Companies's production facilities include:

 Производство ГК Пожтехника. Производство баллонов. Покрасочный цех.

 Производство ГК Пожтехника. Производство баллонов. АСУ металообработка


 Производство ГК Пожтехника. Производство баллонов. Контроль качества.

 Производство ГК Пожтехника.Заправка ФК-5-1-12 (Новек 1230) Москва