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Automatic gas fire suppression systems.

At our manufacturing facility in Monino (Moscow Region) we have an automated welding cylinders production line for steel welded cylinders, four CNC machining centres to manufacture main valves advice and other systems components, we operate automatic production line for linear heat detectors under license of The Protectowire Сo Inc.. Our production facility in Moscow has has a complete line to assemble and test a wide range of gas fire suppression modules, as well as R-Line and F-Line cabinet fire suppression systems, two high (99,9%) purity nitrogen plants and a high-capacity filling stations, a non-reducable stock of FK-5-1-12 (Novec1230 and SINECOTM1230) extingushing agent of no less that 40 tons.

Quality managment system certified by ISO 9001

Automated production of high quality steel welded cylinders for gas fire suppression systems was launched in 2015. (find more/details)

Our automatic gas fire suppression systems protect more than 17000 facilties.

Pozhtekhnika Group of companies - design, production, supply, installation, maintenance of integrated fire safety systems, special technical conditions documentation development, fire risks expertise, fire safety systems consulting.

Pozhtechnika Group of companies presents the most efficient innovative development in the field of fire safety and is an official partner of 3M Corporation, Johnson Controls (ANSUL),The Protectowire Co.,Inc.,Schrack Seconet AG, Schneider Electric, ESMI, ESSER, Xtralis/VESDA, BOSCH, Siemens, ect.

Our services

Manufacturing facility

Pozhtechnika Group is a leading Russian manufacturer with long-standing traditions and extensive experience in development of advanced technical solutions in the field of integrated fire protection systems.

Pozhteсhnika Group is a qualified, professional organization on design, engineering, manufacture, supply, start-up, commissioning and maintenance of automatic gas fire suppression  systems (AGFSS).

In 2005, when "Pozhtechnika" was founded, we set a priority of self-development. Today Pozhtechnika Group is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of automatic gas fire suppression systems, with the level of technological equipment and production quality control equal or exceeding a level of leading global OEMs.

Pozhtechnika Group in its structure has a new factory equipped with modern equipment for production steel welded cylinders, main valves, discharge hoses, pressure dampers and other components of fire safety systems. The factory production is certified in accordance with requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. The company was one of the first in Russian Federation to obtain Certificates of Conformity of TRCU - a new approval system came into force since 2015.


Pozhtechnika Group manufacturing facilities include:

In addition to a production and refilling of gas modules, we are provide re-commissioning services for expired gas fire suppression modules, of most types and make exiting on the local market.

All manufactured equipment is certified in accordance with requirements of GOSTs and the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

Pozhtechnika Group has licenses of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostechnadzor) for design, engineering and manufacturing of equipment for a nuclear industry. Our equipment has a seismic compliance approval of the 1st Category. Certificate of Conformity of the ITU System for the Nuclear Power Generation Industry.