Novec1230 - safe gas fire suppression

Novec 1230 (FK-5-1-12) is a fire extinguishing agent (so-called “dry water”), that has significantly higher safety margins comparing to other fire extinguishing agents commonly used for IT, electronics, libraries, archives, museum valuables and other hazards requiring "clean agent" fire protection. Its mechanism of fire extinguishing is based on a physical effect of cooling through heat removal from a source of ignition.

NovecTM1230 - safe gas fire suppression


NovecTM1230 (FK-5-1-12) is a gas suppression agent (so-called “dry water”), that has a significantly higher safety comparing the traditional fire extinguishing equipment for people and property, including IT, electronics, libraries, archives, museum valuables and interiors. Its mechanism of fire extinguishing is based on a physical effect of cooling through heat removal from a source of ignition.


NovecTM1230 properties

NovecTM1230, AKA fluorokethone or fluorinated ketone (international designation FK-5-1-12), is a substance-compound of six-carbon molecules.  Boiling temperature of NovecTM1230 is 49°C and it absorbs heat much better than water. These unique properties are critical at an early stage of fire extinguishing, hens even small (5.3 %) amount of gas in the atmosphere of a room already actively removes heat from a source of ignition and dissipates it throughout an entire room volume - thus heat removal results to almost instant interruption of a combustion chain reaction.


An amount of necessary energy to evaporate "dry water" is 25 times less than for plain water, which explains abscence of any harm for items that come in contact with NovecTM1230. The sufficient minimum concentration of gas for fire extinguishing is only 5.3%.

Advantages of fire extinguishing systems using NovecTM1230


Complete safety for people and valuables

NovecTM1230 is a non-toxic and chemically neutral agent. The oxygen content in the air is not decreased as a result of gas release into a protected room. Effective heat absorption reduces a potential exposure level of toxic combustion products to people.


Does not conduct electricity

NovekTM1230 is a dielectric. Electronic devices completely filled of submerged with/into this agent continue to operate without any impact. Unlike any other extinguishing agents, this safety gas does not harm sensitive electronics and leaves no residue on it.


Does not damage property

You can put books, pictures, fine fabrics and electronic devices even into liquid NovecTM1230 without any risk of damaging them. Use of gas phase in much lower concentrations guarantees complete safety against damage by the fire-extinguishing agent for libraries, museums, data centers, etc. after a fire extinguishing system has been activated.


Easer and lower cost maintenance

Existing pipelines, initially designed for HFCs 125 or 227ea, may be retrofitted to be used with NovecTM1230. Due to a relatively low pressure in fire extinguishing systems, in most cases, the installation of the overpressure relief dampers is not required. It is also possible to refill gas fire extinguishing modules directly at site. Liquid can be transported without any restrictions.


Environmentally safe

GWP of NovecTM1230 is only 1 (one), lifetime of molecules of fluorinated ketone in the atmosphere is less than 5 days. NovecTM1230 is not harmful to the ozone layer.

NovecTM1230 Specifications

Chemical formula


Molecular mass



Boiling temperature at 1 atm


Freezing temperature



Critical temperature

168,7°C (335,6°F)

Critical pressure


18,65 бар (270,44 lb.о per sq.inch)

Critical volume

494,5 (0,0251 cu.ft/lb..m)

Critical density


639,1 kg/v3 (39,91 lb.m/ft3)

Saturated liquid density

1,60 g/ml (99,9 lb.m/ft3)

Density, gas at 1 atm


0,0136 g/ml (0,851 lb.m/ft3)

Specific volume, gas at 1 atm

0,0733 m3/kg(1,175 ft3/lb.)

Specific heat, liquid


1,103 kJ/kg°C (0,2634 BTU/lb.°F)

Specific volume, steam at 1 atm

0,891 kJ/kg°C (0,2127 BTU/lb.°F)

Evaporation heat at boiling temperature


88,0 kJ/kg (37,9 BTU/lb.)



Comparison of NovecTM1230 with other extinguishing agents



Gas extinguishing agent:

Halon 125




Global Warming Potential






Preservation time in the atmosphere


~ 32.6 years



3 - 5 days

Minimal extinguishing concentration











Chemical formula



N2-52%, Ar-40%, CO2-8%



* - NOAEL - No Observed Adverse Effect Level (the lowest observed level of harmful effects is the highest fire extinguishing concentration, which does not result to dangerous psychological or toxicological effects on humans).


Design of the automatic gas fire extinguishing system with NovecTM1230

Modules GPT (MPA NVC 1230)

Pozhtechnika Group produces 7 types of modules with volumes from 8 to 180 liters, which allows selecting a fire extinguishing system precisely for the required room volumes. Modules are designed with nominal inside diameter of the Main Valve 25 mm (up to 32 liters) and 50 mm (52 or more liters). All modules are made of high-strength alloy steel. The modules are protected from rust. Cylinders working pressure varies from  24.8 to 65 Bar.


Design of a Main Valve Assembly (ASSY)

Main Valve ASSY is operated by manual, electrical (solenoid) or pneumatic actuators. During activation a Schrader valve on top is pressed down, to release pressure in the upper chamber is released over the piston. After that the valve piston is pressed up by cylinder pressure, opening a discharge outlet. Design of the device does not contain any destructible elements. Interesting solution has been applied in the Main Valve ASSY design - a relay that performs two functions: control the operation pressure level in the cylinder in “on-duty” mode and in mode of the fire extinguishing agent supply in case of activation the device. The Main Valve ASSY body is made of copper-zinc alloy.

Discharge nozzles

Discharge nozzle ensures release of the gas fire extinguishing agent in an optimal mode, mixing the fire extinguishing agent with air and even distribution of GFEA throughout the volume of the room with concentration of at least 5.3% within required 10-15 seconds.


System refilling

During the refilling of the gas fire extinguishing installations, NovecTM1230 is filled using special equipment in a close-circuit system to make sure that no humidity or oxygen can mix with the agent. After filling pressurizing is made to operation working pressure of 25 bar using pure dry nitrogen, which is as a propellant gas.